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Barn Door Decor & Design

One of the latest interior decorating trends are sliding barn style doors.  Do you like them? Where would you put one?

Having a sliding door can come in handy in many places.  For example, you can put one over a hallway entrance that leads to bedrooms.  This can help cut back on noise coming from the family room area.  Also, very convenient for helping children sleep if you have company over or just want to watch some late night television.

Another place where a sliding barn door would also be nice is for working in a home office.   Being able to concentrate without noise from the other areas of the home is important. This is another place where a door with clear glass on top would be helpful.

You can use sliding barn doors outdoors as well as indoors, and not just on a barn.  I love the idea of putting one outside to hide a BBQ area behind like picture #2 on the right. This will help protect it from the elements as well.  If you are a fan of the TV show Let’s Make A Deal, you could number your doors, just for fun.

Need inspiration for how you might want your barn door to look?  Here are some great photos with different versions to feast your eyes upon until you find one that wets your appetite.  I love door #7 that has a see through panel at the top.  This helps let you see into the room as well as letting light still filter in.  I like this idea as it is high enough for privacy from younger children or pets, yet lets you be able to check in on them without having to disturb them.


Finally, if all this barn door talk has you wanting one of your own; building and installing one may not be as hard as you think. You could repurpose an old french door and have french sophistication while still letting the light in like Simply Southern Cottage did in the photo on the left.

For directions on making your own sliding barn door,  HGTV has put out a step-by-step guide for building and installing one.  Here is the link to the article with directions. 

I remember my mother saying, “Were you born in a barn?”  Well, with one or more of these sliding barn doors in”stall”ed I might be able to answer yes.  If you have a barn door in your home, or decide to make one of your own, please share your photos with us for further inspiration for all.

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Posted by: everstar on September 25, 2018
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