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50 Fun Fall Ideas With Links

It’s officially here!  The first day of Fall.  Up until the 1300’s it was called Harvest. In the 1600’s the “fall of leaves” was shortened to “fall”. By the 1800’s “Fall” was the word of choice for Americans.

Summer’s not the only season for fun activities.  There are many fun fall activities as well.  We have compiled a list of 50 for you with links to make it even easier:

1. Make apple cider

2. Visit a corn maze

3. Go apple picking

4. Play backyard football

5. Visit a chocolate factory

6. Roast marshmallows

7. Go hiking

8. Read outside with a blanket

9. Bake Rice Krispies treats

10. Go to a fall antique store/show

11. Host a fall bonfire (when there is no fire ban)

12. Apple bobbing

13. Make a “thankful for” list

14.  Have a popcorn movie day

15. Go pumpkin picking

16. Create a fall leaf craft

17. Eat corn on the cob

18. Visit a farm

19. Make DIY flannel scarves

20. Try a new pumpkin recipe

21. Go on a horseback ride

22. Make granola/trail mix

23. Make a front door wreath

24. Visit a fall festival

25. Update fire alarm batteries

26. Have a fall photo shoot


27. Eat candy corn or use them in a recipe

28. Bake a pie

29. Attend a football game

30. Go on a fall bike ride

31. Volunteer at a food pantry

32. Make homemade applesauce

33. Make leaf sugar cookies

34. Go through summer clothes, put away or give away

35. Create a fall scrapbook

36. Join a book club

37.  Make homemade hot cocoa

38.  Watch the sunset

39. Have a family game night

40. DIY fleece blankets

41.Make a pumpkin dip

42. Stuff a scarecrow

43. Make cinnamon rolls

44. Go backyard camping

45.  Jump in leaf piles

46. Make slowcooker chili

47. Make candied apple slices

48. Put together a large puzzle

49. Roast pumpkin seeds

50. BREATHE the fall air!  Refreshing isn’t is?


Posted by: everstar on September 22, 2017
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