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Float and Feel Fabulous

Falling In Love With Floating

After Ryan Wright and Bethany MacLean tried their first float in December 2015 in Spokane, they instantly fell in love.  There weren’t any local float pod close by however.  They decided it would be a great business opportunity for them and wanted to offer the service here in the Tri-Cities.  Thus, Float Euphoria was born.

It’s All There For You

When you go to experience your own flotation experience you will need to park in the back.  A beautiful waiting room is just inside with a refreshment table.  You will find they have everything you may need for a wonderful experience already for you.  This includes hair ties, face wipes, ear plugs, bathrobes, and hairdryers.  It is recommended that you come with no make-up on if possible. They have a shower in each of the two pod rooms for showering before you enter to help ensure you have no products on your body.

They have two checklists when you enter the room.  The “Floating Checklist” covers removal of all make-up including lotions, mascara and lipstick.  Put your phone on silent so you can fully enjoy the experience.  Use Vaseline on any cuts or scraps to prevent stinging.

The “Do Not Float Checklist” includes not having any hair color, dye, or spray tan within the past two weeks.  This includes any temporary or henna hair coloring.  Of course, they want to keep it sanitary – so no vomiting, diarrhea or chemotherapy within the past two weeks either.  No open sores or new tattoos.

Do not use the pods while consuming alcohol or other drugs.  Of course, if you have any medical condition that is affected by cutaneous absorption of magnesium then you should not do a float. They do run a twenty minute filtration between each client.

Floating Freedom

Once you know you are ready to float, the fun begins. The water feels very silky and is kept at 93.5 degrees.  The rooms are private.  You can choose to float “in the buff” or wearing a swimsuit.  Your belly and your top will be exposed to the air.  Because of that, they recommend going ‘au natural. Wearing a swimsuit can detract from the fully sensory deprivation experience.  The swimsuit will eventually get cold and then you will be “feeling” the temperature variation between the part of the swimsuit that is in the water and the part that is not.

They do not have googles so remember not to touch your eyes when you are in there.  They don’t recommend wearing goggles to help with the sensory deprivation state.  If you do get some of the salt water in your eyes they have fresh water and wash cloths you can use.

Three different types of music are available to have playing during your float if you desire. You can also choose no music, or to have it play for ten minutes at the beginning to help you relax and then come on five minutes before the end to help bring you back to awareness and help you transition to prepare to have your session end.

Spacious and Roomy

The pods are very spacious. Wright said that as long you are under seven feet long and under 500 pounds you can float.

There is a lot of extra space around the top of the pods to help you not feel claustrophobic.  The early pods were more like coffins, which of course, people didn’t like.  The lids to the pods do not lock and can be left open for people that may have any claustrophobia concerns.

For the full sensory deprivation experience you will want to have the lid closed so there is no sound, no light and no feeling.  If you keep the hatch open you will lose some of that.  However, you will still get the healing benefits from floating in the Epsom salts if you find you do need to keep the lid open.

Healing Floats

Floating in the pharmaceutical grade Epsom salts is said to have many healing effects.  There are many research papers and studies done if you would like to ‘Google’ them.   There have been many people that have spoken of the amazing results they have received from floating.   Among them include lowering blood pressure, reduction in joint swelling, and relief from fibromyalgia.  There have also been studies proving that cortisol, the stress hormone, levels are lowered.  This would be a great relief as well during pregnancy.

Relaxed And Inspired

Some people fall asleep while they are in the pods and Wright stated that some owners report sleeping in them over night.  Research has shown that one hour in the float tank is equivalent to four hours of sleep.

The water fully supports you.  You can’t just “flop” over while you are in them, so you can’t drown.  You really have to put effort into turning around. Since the beginning of float pods in the 1950’s there has only been one drowning which was due to the individual being on the horse tranquilizer ketamine.  So don’t do that and you should be ok.

The goal during your float is to find that sweet spot between awake and sleep where you are able to be completely relaxed yet aware.  Wright said that after about your third session you will be able to get to that mental space quickly.  It is a very creative space to be in your mind. People use floating as part of their mediation and spiritual practice.  Artists of all venues find intuition and inspiration heightened during their sessions.

Other Services

Float Euphoria also has three massage rooms and offers massage, cupping and sound therapy as well as the flotation pods.  Couple floats are not currently available but they are looking at creating the space for them in the future with a float pool/room.

They have a few other items for sale such has hand made wire wrapped jewelry, hand made drums and Himalayan salt lamps.

They offer individual 60 or 90 minute float sessions as well as packages of three, or a membership.  Memberships include $10.00 off all services and 10% off all retail products.  Another bonus to having a membership is that you can share it with one other person.  They do require a 90 day commitment for the membership after which you may cancel at any time.  A full list of their pricing can be found here.

Endorsements on their Facebook page include:

“It’s like nothing else.  I went in with my hands swollen and in an hour I was moving them again.” – T.M. S

A most interesting experience! To those fearing claustrophobia, the pod can have the lid left up, and also can be closed, but the lights inside the pod left on. Personally I found this last option very soothing, because the lights change color.” – J.T.

For more information or to schedule your own float experience contact:

Float Euphoria

3221 W. Kennewick Ave.,

Kennewick, WA 99336


Call or Text:  509-940-1888


Monday – Friday:  10am – 8pm

Saturday and Sunday:  10am – 6pm

As always, thanks for reading and we welcome any additional information or comments you may have.


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