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Staging A House Sells It Faster


Want to sell your home faster?  Then  make sure that you stage it!  Staging is when you prepare your home and set it up to sell. You purposely decorate a room, or each room, so that it looks lived in – yet allows the potential buyers the ability to visualize themselves living there.  The main goal of staging is to make the home appealing to the largest number of potential buyers  in order to sell it faster and for a better selling price.

Does staging really matter?

Yes it does. That first impression is extremely important.  Home buyers decide within the first 10 seconds of seeing a home whether they like it or not.  Staging is like putting on your finest outfit for a special event.  You want to look your best.  You want your home to look it’s best too when you have it listed.

How can I afford staging?

Don’t worry! You don’t need to go out and purchase all new furniture.  There are several ways to help stage your home that won’t cause you to break the bank. Start with one room at a time.  Pick a focal point that you want to stand out.  Then clear the clutter! One of the least expensive things you can do and most essential.  De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter.

Have a box that says ‘keep’, one that says ‘give away’, and one that says ‘throw away’.  Then move from one corner of the room to the next.  If you know you are going to be moving it with you to your next home, then have your packing boxes ready.  Make sure to mark each one with the name of the room it should go in at your next home for easy organization.

Remove personal items. Remember you are selling the home.  You are not your family or that cute snow globe collection you have strewn like snowflakes in every room of the house.  The next person should be able to picture this home as theirs with their ‘stuff’.

Green It Up

Another simple tool is using plants.  Whether it is a full size plant to a few simple branches like a flowering cherry , you can use them to highlight any area.

Staging doesn’t have to be a whole house makeover.  As NAR’s 2017 Profile of Home Staging shows, there are really three particular rooms one should consider staging: the living room, the kitchen, and the master bedroom. The report showed that if you have to pick just one room, for buyers it was the living room that was most important (55 percent), followed by staging the master bedroom (51 percent), and staging the kitchen (41 percent).  Here are several ideas for different rooms in the house:

Living Room:

Make sure to have a sitting area for people to talk.  If you move furniture and have compacted carpet strands you can put an ice cube in the dent and as it melts it will expand the carpet strand back up.


If you don’t have a bed because you had to move it, you can use empty boxes like building blocks and make a bed.  Cover it with nice bedding to give them the idea of a bed being there.  Just hope they don’t decide it looks so inviting they jump on it!

You can also use an inflatable air mattress.  Put it up on top of the boxes.  Or buy one with a folding frame.  Then you can use it in your guest bedroom in your new home.

If you have a little more money, go visit Burlington Coat Factory or HomeGoods and purchase a rich looking comforter set to upgrade the room from blah and bland to luxurious looking.


First of all, shut the toilet lid.  Free and easy. Really.  Next, you can use some new decorative hand towels that you can purchase at Burlington Coat Factory, Ross Dress For Less, or HomeGoods.  Tie them with ribbon  or raffia.

Instead of getting new cabinets or counter tops you can paint them.  There are plenty of online resources to show you how.  For a can of paint and a little elbow grease you can upgrade those as well.

Play Up Special Features

If your home is environmentally friendly, add a natural soap in the bathroom, or a soy candle in the kitchen.  Do you have a putting green in your yard (and who doesn’t) then have a small basket with golf balls in it and a new bright flag in the hole. A sunken bath can be played up with some luxurious bottles of bubble bath, some reading glasses and a couple books next to it. What are your personal favorite features of your home?  Chances are, those are ones the next owner will enjoy as well so point them out.

A Few More Staging Ideas

Here are are few more ideas to think about:

Smell:  The unseen killer of many an offer.  The client sees the photos and falls in love.  Next, they’ll want to take a tour.  The last thing you want to do is make them walk right back out the door due to bad smells.  Air out your home prior to a walk through.  Have some fresh baked cookies to help the kitchen smell welcoming, and also for your guests to eat.  Purify the air in your home to help keep it smelling fresh.

Color:  Use color as the accent and not the main focus.  Pillows, throws, flowers, vases, and plants can all add a pop of color.  Place it next to a focal point to help draw the clients eye.

Light:    Make sure to have all your window coverings open.  Nothing is better than natural light.  You can also turn on all your lights when a potential buyer is doing a walk through, or open house.  No one likes dark rooms.

Professional Staging Services

Of course, there is help out there for you as well.  Some companies will do a walk through with you and tell you their ideas for you to implement.  Other companies will come and bring their own furniture to stage with.  There are many different options.  Interview a few different ones and compare their services to find one that matches what you want and your budget can handle.  Here are a few local companies to help you out if you are looking at staging your home:

Detailed Design & Staging:                                                                    Phone  505-980-9474

Sharon Atchison Staging:                                                                          Phone (509) 845-0930

Diane Cuello Home Staging:              Phone (509) 528-6698

Making Your House A Home                                           Phone (509) 591-5355

Of course, any of our REALTORS would be happy to give you some of their ideas as well at your listing or a subsequent appointment. As always, thanks for reading and we welcome any additional information or comments you may have.


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