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Is A Smart Home System Smart For Your Pet?

Do you have a pet or two that you hate to leave?  Do you worry when you go to work what your feathered friend is doing when you are gone?  There are many smart home items available now to help ease your mind and lift your pet care burden.  From smart collars, to smart pet feeders and cameras to keep an eye on your goldfish, there are several choices available.

Tierra Bonaldi of the American Pet Products Association explains, “Plenty of owners travel or work long hours, so they use smart feeding devices to ensure proper access to food and portion control. Others use cameras, treat dispensers, and apps to communicate with their pet and better stay in touch to increase the human-animal bond.”

Sound like something to perk your pets ears?  Lets take a look at a few mentioned in a recent article on

Smart Feeders

Smart feeders have gotten more advanced recently and many include an app that you can use.  This includes having the ability to program your feeding times and help keep track of portions.

Petnet Feeder is geared towards cats and dogs up to 55 lbs. and can do that as well as let you watch your pet happily munch away.  And don’t worry about the power going out because it will hold a charge up to 7 hours. Now there’s a little comfort and convenience at $149.

If you are looking for something a little cheaper they have a smart bowl with a scale that helps you measure the right portion for your pet for $49. It has led lights to help you know when you’ve poured the right amount.

Smart Collars

Then there are smart collars.  They are similar to having a Fitbit. They can track your pets excercise levels and some can track your pet’s location.

FitBark tracks activity while being attached to the dog’s collar. It is priced at $69.95 and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.  It tracks sleep as well as activity. Take your pooch to the dog park when their activity levels are low.

If you want one that offers tractability as well, then there is the waterproof Whistle 3 that offers GPS.  It does have a $10 a month service fee, but if your pooch wanders beyond the safe zone you get an alert and can track that traipsing dog down.  It’s better than just having your pet chipped, because if you rely on a chip, your pet has to be found and taken to a vet or shelter for it to help you. And that requires relying on some good Samaritan to take your pet in and not keep it.

Litter Box Smarts

Who likes cleaning the litter box?  If you do,  I don’t want to know.  Litter box chores are a messy job, but don’t you fret… there is a smart litter box to the rescue.  The Litter-Robot III Open Air automatically will scoop the poop into a drawer with charcoal filters to control smell.  Full disclosure, you will have to empty it once it gets full.  It comes with a hefty price, though, of $450.

If you don’t mind scooping, there is the $200 Tailio that will track your cat’s weight, excretions, and litter box behavior to help monitor any health issues your cat may have.  This could be useful for early health issue detection.

Smart Pet Cameras

Having a two way communication with your pet can help ease your mind even more.   There are several different options available just under $200 as well as a high end pet cam, the PetChatz for $380.  Some cameras can do two-way audio but not video.  A regular Nest Cam is one such option and is priced at $199.

On top of just having a cameram there are a couple of options that will play with your pet or give them a treat when they are being good.   The interactive Petcube Play has a built-in laser pointer that you can control with your phone so you can play with your cat. It also can record video.  It is priced at $199 with a 1 year warranty.


Then there is the Petcube Bites by the same company as Petcube Play.  Petzi Treat Cam is another treat dispenser that, in addition to two-way audio, it will let you dispense a treat when they are being good, speak to them, and has a wide-angle camera with night vision. It will cost you $169.95 currently.

For a more sophisticated camera with two-way audio and video, there is the super PetChatz.  This is remote capable to dispense a treat, release aromatherapy, stream your pets favorite tv, and has a light game where your pet can earn a treat.  The highlight of this camera though, is it’s PawCall® feature.  This allows your pet to call you.  You read that right.  “With PawCall®, you can train your four legged friends to let you know they are ready to talk.  Lights lead to “pressing the button”, getting a treat and sending an alert that they need you!!” If that doesn’t get any pet parent purring, I don’t know what will.

Digital Piece of Mind

Digital piece of mind is now available for pet parents. Pet separation no longer has to be so hard anymore thanks to the latest smart home pet care systems. As always, we look forward to hearing from you.  Let us know if you have one, or get one and how you like them.  And say, “hi” to your pets for us….remotely.

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