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Richland School Districts One of the Best Districts to Work For



Richland School District

It’s the end of the year and schools are already trying to get their staffing in place.  Good news for Richland School District is that they were named as one of the best school districts for teachers to work for in a report by GoodCall.  Analysts ranked the Richland School District based on eight metrics.  These metrics included teacher pay, cost of living, a community that values education and a nice place to live that has an abundance of amenities.

Other items included in the ranking were local job availability, comparative salary, and cost of living. Also, the number of high school and college graduates were also included in their analysis.

As reported on the school districts website, only “Bellevue, Lacey, and Redmond ranked slightly higher. Nationally, Richland ranked 124 out of the top 689 cities.” That is pretty impressive when you realize that we were competing against larger cities such as Chicago and Detriot.

As Superintendent Rick Schulte said, “The Richland School District has an ever improving culture of teachers and administrators collaborating together to help students succeed.”  They are obviously succeeding.  Way to go!

Visit the Richland School District here and if you would like to read the Tri-City Herald’s article it is here.  You can visit GoodCall for their full report here including a list of the top 100 best cities for K-12 teachers.

By Charee Jackson

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Posted by: everstar on June 8, 2017
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