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Landlord Liability is Something to Consider

Landlord Liability…. oh, the joy! Think back to when you first got excited about owning your first rental property.  What were your reasons for wanting to get a rental property?  Did it include landlord liabilities?  I bet it didn’t.  This very important part of being a landlord often gets overlooked in the excitement of having rental income.

There are several issues where landlord liability can come into ply.  Here are a few  instances where a landlord can be held responsible that you need to be aware of.  This is another reason we have a thorough tenant screening process to help avoid some of them.

1. Hazards – It is a landlords responsibility to maintain their property in a safe condition. Make sure to follow up in a timely manner if a tenant reports an issue.


2. Pets – If you allow pets, make sure that they have no history of any malicious acts.  You can check with the local animal control office to be sure no incidents have been reported.  Make sure to check your insurance policy as well, since some dogs are not covered under some homeowners insurance.

3. Criminal Activity – If you are aware of criminal activity on your property you need to take appropriate action.  His is another reason for tenant screening.

4. Equal Treatment – Landlords cannot discriminate against prospective tenants based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability under The Fair Housing Act of 1968.


These are just a few issues that landlords need to keep in mind, as well as insurance, and a good propertymanagement company.

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Posted by: everstar on May 12, 2017
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