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Richland Dog Park Is Expanding! Woof!


Richland Dog Park Phase II started construction April 10th.  It will add another 2 acres.  Those two acres will include another small/shy dog section that will be just under 1/2 acre. Then the other 1 ½ acres will be for larger dogs.  The current law states that your dog has to be at heel or on a leash. This doesn’t give dogs, or their owners, a chance to run around and play and socialize.

The plan for Richland’s Dog Park Phase II is to rotate use between it and Phase I on Badger Mtn. Park.  This will help keep the grass preserved so that the city does not have to close it. The trial plan is to rotate between the two parks on a 2-4-month schedule until the find what time frame works best for the parks grass.

Some updates for the dog parks include a shelter, trees, benches, drinking fountains and frost free hose bibs.  The current temporary location will go back to being a parking lot for Badger Mountain Park.

They are hoping to have Phase II completed by June 1st.  They are currently on target for that date. When they are done with Phase II they will see which park has better suited turf and they will determine which one to open at that time.

There are hopeful ideas, still in the clouds, to have additional dog parks planned for North Richland as well as one in central Richland.

For more information watch the Richland City Spotlight video here.

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Posted by: everstar on May 4, 2017
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