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Mid-Columbia Wildflower Hikes Are Soul Food

Next time someone tells you to go “take a hike!” you’ll know where to go once you read this.  There are quite a few hikes in the region that accommodate all fitness levels and abilities.

The Tri-City Herald put out a great list of 15 wildflower site-seeing hikes in the area. The best time to see them is now through the end of May, but the season also goes “into June, July and even August as you go higher in elevation.”

Make sure to check the weather before you head out.  Pack some sunscreen, water, a light snack, and a windbreaker and you should be good to go!

Let someone know where you are going, if you are planning on hiking alone.  Safety first!  That includes having a few medical supplies as well such as bandages.  You never know when someone may sprain and ankle or fall and need a Band-Aid.

And don’t forget that camera/phone.  Make sure to share those wildflowers and beautiful vista shots with us @EverStar_Realty.  We’d love to see them.

Remember the saying, “Leave No Trace?” These hills and flowers belong to everyone including future generations. Make sure to do your part in protecting and preserving the plants and wildlife when traveling along one of these hikes.  Help keep the area as beautiful as you found it for other visitors and for the wildlife that call it home.

“I have found that people go to the wilderness for many things but, the most important is perspective. They may think they go for the fishing or the scenery or companionship but, in reality it is something far deeper. They go to the wilderness for the good of their souls”.

– Sigurd Olson

Mid-Columbia Hikes

Mid-Columbia Hikes

Posted by: everstar on April 15, 2017
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